Early Sketches by Kelly Murphy

Here’s an early sketch by artist Kelly Murphy for the cover of “Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth.”  I like the way she’s captured the conflict between Mary Mae and her mother, and the way the rain is coming down in a music score pattern.  As you can see, the book was once called “Mrs. Noah.”

First Rough

The Finished Cover

Isn’t the cover great?  You can see more of Kelly’s work on her website,  http://www.kelmurphy.com/ (http://www NULL.kelmurphy NULL.com/). Below is another rough sketch, but all of us, including the artist, liked the first better.   

Second Rough

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4 Responses to “Early Sketches by Kelly Murphy”

  1. CuriousCity (http://www NULL.curiouscity NULL.net) says:

    I love that in the final cover Kelly Murphy chose to tilt the boat. Mary Mae ends up standing on “higher ground” as it were…Kelly is a careful reader and a brilliant illustrator.

  2. SandraDutton (http://MaryMaeandtheGospelTruth NULL.com) says:

    Yes, isn’t that great, and Mary Mae’s also getting ready to “rock the boat,” which I love.

  3. Angie Schnetzer says:

    Thank you for tackling such a challenging topic in a children’s book. Kids need to think more about both sides of this issue no matter which one they are being taught. I’m looking forward to sharing your book with my homeschooled children. By the way, I found your blog through your comment about my fossil article. I’m glad you found me!

  4. SandraDutton (http://MaryMaeandtheGospelTruth NULL.com) says:

    I’m excited you’ll be using my book. Thanks so much for your comments!

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