Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth Puppets

The Serpent, Eve, Adam, Noah, and Mrs. Noah

Just for fun, I decided to make the puppets that appear in Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth.  The kids in Mary Mae’s Sunday School class used balsa wood for heads, but you can’t get balsa wood any more—except in strips (the story takes place in 1988), so I used big blocks of florist foam.  It carves easily with a kitchen knife.  I sliced off all the hard edges, making it rounder, and dug out a finger hole with the point of the knife.  I didn’t want to carve too much because the kids in the story had no tools to do good carving and basically painted their characters’ faces onto a flat side.  I used what I carved away to make noses and ears, gluing them on, and then painting—first two coats of white latex, then the face, using acrylic paint. 

 You’ll notice Mrs. Noah has blue hair.  That’s because it was the only color of yarn Mary Mae’s mother had.

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  1. Barb House says:

    Cute puppets!

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