A Memorable Character Whose Search for Truth Drives the Narrative

Following is a nice review of Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth by Kirkus:

Ten-year-old Mary Mae loves questions. She adores her teacher, Miss Sizemore, who shows her fossils found right in her school’s backyard. She adores her Granny, who plays the guitar and will make up songs about anything. And Mary Mae loves Jesus with all her might. But she doesn’t understand why her church teaches that the earth is 6,000 years old, while Miss Sizemore says it’s more like 6,000,000. Her Mama doesn’t like Mary Mae’s questions. Don’t they show a lack of faith? Very few books for this age group tackle religious subjects as this one does, in a way that shows respect for all sides. Dutton allows Mary Mae to retain both her questions and her faith; instead of a definitive answer, she shows evolutionists and creationists working to find a small, shared piece of middle ground. Mary Mae is a memorable character—spunky but not defiant—whose search for truth drives the narrative.

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2 Responses to “A Memorable Character Whose Search for Truth Drives the Narrative”

  1. Sarah Clinton says:

    I am a middle school special education teacher in Baltimore. I can’t wait for this book to come out. I’m planning to buy a copy for my classroom and one for the library. It will be a great resource and will stimulate my students minds and generate some good classroom conversation. And they will love the illustrations, too! Many thanks to Sandra Dutton.

  2. SandraDutton (http://MaryMaeandtheGospelTruth NULL.com) says:

    Sarah, I too think it will be a great resource and can’t wait to hear your students’ comments.

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