Puppet Plays


Three Puppet Plays

based on

Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth, a novel

[Note: This play, sections of which appear in the novel, is written in Appalachian English, but may also be performed in standard English.]


GOD—a voice

ADAM—a handsome young man

EVE—a pretty young woman

DEVIL—a snake

NOAH—an old man in a robe

MRS. NOAH—a housewife in checkered apron

Time: The beginning of the world


A series of backdrops should be created that can be rolled down one by one. For Day One, black. For Day Two, blue water and pink sky (the firmament). Day Three, grassy land with trees. Day Four, sky with moon, stars and sun. Day Five, fish in the sea and birds in the air. Day Six, animals.

(The scene opens with the black backdrop.)

GOD: Being the Supreme Being, I can see that the earth is without form and void. LET THERE BE LIGHT.

(A flashlight scans the backdrop. A cookie pan is rattled for thunder.)

That is good. I say that is very, very good.

Now I’m moving onto Day Two. Think I’ll make me a firmament.

(Day Two drops down.)

That is good. THAT IS VERY VERY GOOD. I’m a-calling the firmament Heaven. Place where I can look down from. Rest.

Only that ain’t until later. I’m only on Day Three. Let’s see. Let the waters pull away from the land. And let the land bring forth trees.

(Day Three drops down.)

That is good. VERY VERY GOOD.

Now it’s time to put up some lights. Let there be sun. Let there be moon. Let there be stars. DAY FOUR.

(Day Four drops down.)

GOOD. Very good.

And I’m only just warming up. Day Five I’m filling up the earth and sky. Making me some fish and fowl. LET THERE BE FISH AND FOWL.

(Day Five drops down.)

That is good. VERY VERY GOOD. Day Six, it’s time for creeping things. Horses and goats. Sheep and cattle.

(Day Six drops down. Sounds of animals can be heard.)

Good. Real good. But I’m missing something. Something special. Something like me only not. Something that can think but not too much. Something that can walk on two legs. A man.

(Pause. Then Adam pops up. Walks around a little.)

Say, you’re not bad. I’ll call you Adam.

ADAM: I like that, Lord.

GOD: But I want you to have a partner.

ADAM: What’s that, Lord?

GOD: Somebody just like you, only not. So I’m a-taking one of your ribs and making you a woman.

ADAM: Ohhhhh.

(Throws himself against the stage like he’s been stabbed.)

GOD: She’s to be your helper and ye shall cleave together.

ADAM: Fine with me.

GOD: One thing you ain’t allowed to do, though. You got to stay away from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

(Adam stands tall again. Eve comes up beside Adam. She and Adam are moving around, looking each other over.)

ADAM: No problem, Lord.

GOD: Good. That is very, very good. Think I’ll mosey up to Heaven and rest. LET THERE BE A DAY OF REST.


Cymbals—end of scene.)


Black backdrop. Branch with some plastic apples hung from it.

ADAM: I got it from God that we’s never to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. You remember that, Eve.

EVE: I’ll try.

DEVIL: Whatcha doing out this way?

EVE: I’m a-taking a walk in the Garden of Eden. (Eve bounces along like she’s walking.) Who’re you?

DEVIL: I’m an old friend of the Lord.

EVE: Friend of the Lord?

DEVIL: Yep, we used to work together. Then he got too big for his britches.

(Moves up close to Eve.)

Say, I was just wondering—you look like a mighty smart lady. Pretty, too. Wondered if you’d like to have a taste of this here apple?

EVE: No, I would not. My husband Adam says I am not to taste of this here fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

DEVIL: Don’tcha want to know what’s what?

EVE: Maybe I do and maybe I don’t. Are you sure this fruit—looks like an apple to me—won’t make me sick?

SNAKE: It’s A-1.

(Nudges an apple toward her.)

EVE: (Pulls the apple off the tree and takes a bite.)

Hey, this is pretty good. I’m beginning to see the light.

(Snake sidles off.

Up pops Adam.)

EVE: Oh, Adam, I’ve just had the most delicious fruit. It’s made me real smart. I want you to have a taste.

ADAM: Well, we ain’t supposed to eat that fruit, but I like the way it looks.

(Takes a bite.)

Delicious. But I’m feeling sort of chilly now. I think I need to put on an overcoat.

EVE: Me too. (Shivers. Backs off to a corner with Adam.)

(Boots on the side of the puppet stage. These are God’s footsteps.)


EVE: It’s the Snake told me to do it.

ADAM: And it’s Eve told me.

GOD: All right, I’m a-taking away your privileges. No more lolling around the Garden of Eden and no more free fruit.

(Adam and Eve wail.


Noah’s Ark

Black Backdrop. Noah and Mrs. Noah are standing on the deck of the ark, bobbing as if they’re in heavy seas.

MRS. NOAH: Mr. Noah, we got some problems downstairs with them animals.

NOAH: Yeah?

MRS. NOAH: Komodo dragon’s broke loose and won’t go back in his cage.

NOAH: Well, what do you want me to do about it?

MRS. NOAH: You’re the captain of this ship, Mr. Noah. I expect you to have some ideas.

NOAH: (Thinks a while.) Send Shem down there. Let him round up the komodo.

MRS. NOAH: (Yells downstairs.) Shem, Daddy says you got go round up that komodo dragon. Get him back in his cage.

(Turns back to Noah.)

We got some more problems, Mr. Noah.

NOAH: Now what?

MRS. NOAH: Them parrots is a screeching up a storm, won’t let the animals get no sleep.

NOAH: Nothing I can do about that, neither.

MRS. NOAH: Got to do something, Mr. Noah. You being captain.

NOAH: All right, send Ham down. He ain’t doing nothing.

MRS. NOAH: (Yells downstairs) Ham, Daddy says you got to get downstairs and make them parrots keep quiet.

(Listens for Shem’s answer.)

Shem says he don’t know how to do that.

NOAH: (Thinks a minute.) Feed ‘em some peanut butter. Can’t sing if you’s eating peanut butter.

MRS. NOAH: Mr. Noah, we don’t have no peanut butter!

NOAH: Find something else, then. Me and the boys loaded up that larder to the ceiling. Get him some molasses. How about honey? Got a few bee combs down there.

MRS. NOAH: (Yelling down to Shem.) Daddy says use them bee combs. Anything to get their beaks stuck together.

(To Noah)

Mr. Noah, that ain’t all.

NOAH: What next?

MRS. NOAH: Them insects has banded together in a swarm—them that can fly—and they’s creating a buzz that’s making the floors vibrate. I told you you needed to put them in separate cages, but you wouldn’t listen—

NOAH: We can fix that. Give Japheth a fly swatter. Tell him to go after ’em.

MRS. NOAH: Mr. Noah, them insects is protected by God.

NOAH: Then we’ll have to put’em in jars. You tell Japheth to get him some jars.

MRS. NOAH: (yells downstairs) Japheth, Daddy says you got to trap them insects in jars.

(Mrs. Noah and Noah bob up and down a few seconds.)

Mr. Noah, all of them animals is seasick and the place stinks to high heaven.

NOAH: Open the windows.

MRS. NOAH: Mr. Noah, you only made one.

NOAH: That’s what the Lord told me to do.

MRS. NOAH: Well, the Lord don’t have to live on this boat. He should have told you to make more windows. Truth is, Mr. Noah, them animals need their cages cleaned out.

NOAH: (Sighs.) Mrs. Noah, I’m getting sick and tired of your complaining. How about you and the wives tending to them cages.

MRS. NOAH: Mr. Noah, this ark is a-carrying 20,000 animals. We got 10,000 cages on three levels. Each of them cages stink, and the komodo dragons, they’s still a-running loose. Now me and the girls ain’t a-going down there.

NOAH: Why not just have the boys hose it all down?

MRS. NOAH: Mr. Noah, we ain’t got no hoses. We need shovels and we need buckets. I hope you remembered to bring them things because the smell is bad. You know what a kitty box can smell like, Mr. Noah, when it ain’t been cleaned. Now we got some mighty big animals, and they’s using their cage for a litter box. Mr. Noah, you ever seen how much a T-Rex poops? They’s mighty big animals. Plus we got two hippos, two elephants, two rhinos, and a bunch of other beasts, all of them making their own mess.

NOAH: Mrs. Noah, you’re nothing but a fuss budget.

MRS. NOAH: And you’re nothing but a lazy old man.

(A little bird with a leaf in its mouth drops down.)



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    Very cute! I never thought about how much a T Rex poops. Kids will love this.

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    Thanks, so glad you like it.

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