I love school visits!  Below are two workshops I present:

Making a Picture Book

In my picture book, Dear Miss Perfect:  A Beast’s Guide to Proper Behavior, animals write in with their problems:  a porcupine would like to know where he can find a dancing partner; an elephant would like to know what to do with his trunk at the dinner table.  With slides and actual pieces of art I bring to class, I show the beginnings of this book, how it evolved, and how students can create their own picture book.  We end with each student creating a double-page spread for a book the class will put together.   Grades 1-4

Writing and Research:  How I Work 

With slides, I discuss growing up in southern Ohio, the fossils in my backyard, and the remarkable Cincinnati Arch—a geological formation that has pushed up pre-dinosaur fossils, and how it informed my novel Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth.  Students will learn how writers use what they “know” and research what they don’t.  How they develop a character.  This will lead to writing exercises in which students investigate their own interests and begin stories of their own. Grades 4-7

Please contact me at (207) 350-6098, or, (sjsdutton null@null hotmail to schedule a visit.

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