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Mary Mae’s Fossils

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

A Cigar Box of Fossils

In the photograph at left are fossils like the ones Mary Mae digs up in the book.  The ones in the first two rows were actually found by my brother-in-law at Caesar Creek State Park and are from the Ordovician period, around 450 million years ago.

The three in the first row are bryozoans.  In the second row, left to right, are a brachiopod, the tip of a cephalopod’s tentacle, another brachiopod, then a horned coral.  The two on the top are a crinoid and a trilobite, which I made myself out of clay for the book trailer.  If you click at the box on the right, you can watch the book trailer and see those two clay models in Mary Mae’s hand.

Fossils at Caesar Creek, Ohio

Friday, May 14th, 2010

13-Inch Trilobite Found at Caesar Creek State Park by Thomas Johnson

Had a great time yesterday. Went with my sister and brother-in-law, who live in Maineville, Ohio, up to Caesar Creek State Park near Waynesville. They’ve hunted for fossils up there for years, just for fun. We went first to the museum and took a look around—they had the most enormous triblobite I’d ever seen, 13-inches wide, this one is, (see photo) dug up by a man named Thomas Johnson, who also found a 15-inch trilobite that’s now in the Smithsonian. The ranger was telling us Johnson has a sixth sense for trilobites. He can be walking along, decide “there’s probably one over there,” and dig up a fine sample. So I looked at all the displays but was anxious to get outside and see what I could find myself. We’d driven past an area where a long, low hill had been cut out—you could see the layers of rock. (Mary Mae mentions this in Chapter Two of the book). Anyway, we crept out onto the flat, dug out area (it was muddy and wet) and began picking up hunks of rock that were filled with fossils—you didn’t really have to try that hard—they were just there.

Cutaway hill at Caesar Creek State Park revealing Ordovician strata

Hunk of rock picked up from cutaway area at Caesar Creek

I haven’t separated any of these—I like having them in this hunk. We didn’t stay long, either—it was too wet and cold, but plan to come back this summer. Meanwhile, here are some of the fossils my brother-in-law has found at Caesar Creek over the years—

Some of Nick DeBow's Fossils from Caesar Creek

History, With or Without Dates

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

The ranger at Caesar Creek State Park in Ohio had told me that at least 17,000 children came through their museum per year for guided tours.  I asked her if any were Fundamentalist and might have a problem with the information.  “Oh yes, we get lots of home schoolers and we’ve become quite sensitive to that sort of thing,” she said.  “So now we ask, ‘Would you like your tour with or without dates?’  If they don’t want dates, we put away the charts.    Sometimes a group may bring their own interpreter.  You’ll overhear someone say, ‘Now this happened on Day Three.’”