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Noah’s Ark Puppet Show

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Mrs. Noah and Noah

 Noah’s Ark Puppet Show

One doesn’t hear much about Noah’s wife in Genesis, but writers of the medieval miracle plays dug deep into the story and came up with a feisty Mrs. Noah who speaks her mind.  In “Noah and His Sons,” by the Wakefield master, Mrs. Noah sits and spins, refusing to board the boat, saying there won’t be enough food and that she’ll miss her friends.  In “Noah’s Flood” of the Chester Pageant, she refuses to board, saying to Noah:

Yea, sir, set up your sail,

And row forth with evil hail,

For, without any fail,

I will not out of this town.

Finally, when she does board, she boxes Noah on the ear.  (In both plays they’re constantly hitting each other.) Of course this is all a bit of a comedy.  The miracle plays were performed not only to dramatize the stories of the Bible but to entertain.

In Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth, Mary Mae’s “Mrs. Noah” is feisty.  She’s concerned that dangerous animals are running loose, that they won’t be able keep the boat clean.  “Now we got some mighty big animals,” she says, “and they’s using their cage for a litter box.” 

Since I have both puppets and theatre (I describe making those in earlier blogs), I decided to try and perform the play, taking both Mary Mae and Chester’s parts (Noah and Mrs. Noah).  The puppets are rather fragile, being made of florists’ foam, but I think if kids were doing this with wooden puppets, some butting of heads would be in order. 

If you hit the link, you can see the video. 

Noah’s ArK Puppet Show

Early Sketches by Kelly Murphy

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
Here’s an early sketch by artist Kelly Murphy for the cover of “Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth.”  I like the way she’s captured the conflict between Mary Mae and her mother, and the way the rain is coming down in a music score pattern.  As you can see, the book was once called “Mrs. Noah.”

First Rough

The Finished Cover

Isn’t the cover great?  You can see more of Kelly’s work on her website, (http://www NULL.kelmurphy Below is another rough sketch, but all of us, including the artist, liked the first better.   

Second Rough